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My Wife’s Enthusiasm

In the game of Gratitude Journal Bingo, “Spouse” is practically a free space. If you have a spouse or partner, it’s trivially easy to be grateful for any of a hundred things about them. So, rather than just say, “You’re really great, you know? Just really, really…great,” I prefer to focus on a particular quality that demonstrates what is so amazingly kick-ass about the person. In my wife’s case, I’m focusing on her enthusiasm, and specifically, her enthusiasm for planning vacations.

I’m the type of vacationer who wants to get a general idea of the activities I would find interesting, pick a few “must haves” and leave the rest to chance. My wife is far more…detailed. For her, the planning is an intensely enjoyable part of the experience, and it allows her to get excited for the trip long before the actual departure date. That excitement can be a bit wearing at times, especially when the trip is months away yet, but overall, it keeps the entire family interested and engaged. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s one of the countless things I’m grateful for about her.

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