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I’ve always been an introvert, so I’ve always known the value of having time to one’s self. Time for the mental batteries to recharge, to feel unpressured to perform or to interact in meaningful ways with others.

Different from the focused attention of meditation (which I look forward to working into my routine in the coming months), this is simply a bit of relaxing time by myself, not working or doing anything particularly productive, but not passively watching TV and turning off my brain. I find this alone time usually in the mornings, especially on weekends, when the rest of my family is sleeping in, and I sit with a cup of something warm and listen to birds chirping outside, or cars driving past on the road. Sometimes I may read or browse various websites, or simply sit and pet our dogs (whom you would think, by their reactions, were utterly starved of affection), but the quiet is a constant, welcome presence, separating me from the bustle of the coming day.

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