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I didn’t make a post yesterday, because I was at a company Christmas party. I won’t be making one tonight, because I’ll be meeting a group of friends for our Dungeons & Dragons game. In any given month, my non-work life is full of games, aikido training (which while not sedentary, still qualifies in my mind as “leisure”), reading, watching TV & movies with the family, trips to the movie theater, and eating out.

I recall reading some articles saying that we actually have less leisure time now than our ancestors did, what with 24/7 connectivity to the office and the resultant 60 hour work weeks. Certainly, a significant number of Americans feel that way. Knowing that some people face harsh economic situations that require them to work even harder for less leisure makes me all the more grateful to have the time I do, to spend on things other than work.

Now, time for me to get back to work so I can enjoy my game tonight.

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